Two political blogs bit the dust this weekend

Two of Arkansas’ politically-oriented content-sharing blogs were pulled down over the weekend, one without further explanation, and the other following a controversy involving a Freedom of Information Act request.

Hard-left-leaning Blue Hog Report faced a FOIA request by the Republican Party of Arkansas into work done by state employees Matt Campbell and Jeff Woodmansee, both authors of the blog. As the request was fulfilled, the site quickly turned dark.

The goal of the FOIA was to determine if the state employees were blogging while on the clock, according to the Arkansas Times blog and Talk Business.

Infamous in political circles of both partisan persuasions, the Blue Hog Report has been responsible for a number of reveals into shady goings on in Little Rock including the secretary of state’s car expenses and completely unethical (not to mention illegal) use of reimbursement dollars for personal ventures which ultimately burned a number of legislators.

Campbell later told the Arkansas Times blog that he was very careful to keep his political blogging restricted to his off hours and scheduled pieces to post while he was at work ahead of time to aggregate more traffic.

“My blog is written using WordPress, which lets me schedule posts to come up in the future. Typically, I would write stuff at night, but set the posts to come up starting some time the following work day, because that drove more traffic,” Campbell told the Arkansas Times. A”nything else was written during lunch on my personal laptop, on a day off, or at some other point when I was not working.”

He continued, “As far as the Facebook account that the D-G referenced this morning, there were four Admins, all of whom posted as Blue Hog Report. It was common for someone else to post the links to my stuff.”

In other news, not that there’s a definite connection, but a link to the Tolbert Report now simply states “This blog is no longer active” without any explanation from right-leaning Jason Tolbert as to the rationale for his site’s shutdown.

UPDATE: Tolbert lets us know, “To my loyal readers – I apologize for the temporary suspension of my blog. I will have an announcement hopefully very soon regarding the future of my blog. Thank you for your patience.”

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