Papa Poblano’s closes to make way for new restaurant

Rumors running through town have finally been confirmed by the assistant manager at the U.S. 82 Papa Poblano’s that the restaurant’s hotel location will be closing this Sunday to make way for a new Mexican food restaurant.

Though she wasn’t sure of the new name, I’m hearing rumblings that the newly remodeled restaurant will be called Antigua’s and many staff members will be staying behind to work for the new owners after the opening in a few weeks.

Make sure to check the News-Times this week for more information as soon as the new owners are willing to make a comment.

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9 Responses to Papa Poblano’s closes to make way for new restaurant

  1. AFM says:

    *Dislike. This one was much better than the ‘small’ one in food and service.

  2. The lone reader says:

    Just what El Dorado needs, yet another Mexican Restaurant.

  3. Admin says:

    Is that term “Mexican restaurant” used loosely, Lone Reader? As a native Phoenician I don’t consider it Mexican food unless the salsa causes my eyes to water.

  4. Admin says:

    This is epic, excellent and a million other adjectives for “awesome,” all rolled into one. Thank you, Ana!

  5. AFM says:

    It is very loose Admin, but I don’t feel it as loose as Chinese. I’m particularly referring to not leave your small domesticated animals (especially cats) loose in the hours directly after said ‘Chinese’ resturaunt closes. :)

  6. Admin says:

    “Honey, where’d Fluffly go? He was here a minute ago…”

  7. The lone reader says:

    Yes It was loosely used. Let’s go with Mexican style. This can be defined as random combinations of beans and meat with some peppers thrown in.

    We could solve a lot of this if ICE would spend about a week in town.

  8. SwinerBock says:

    Thanks for that link, Ana. God, I miss ‘Bloom County’.

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