Gas leaks or bugs?

The police scanner is blowing up (pun intended) with reports of gas leaks all across the county. However, before panic ensues, we have a theory.

Image courtesy of the Mississippi Garden Blog (since we had a helluva time trying to capture a shot on our camera phones).

It’s possible the noise is due to the emergence of the red-eyed cicadas (or devil bug as Managing Editor Chris Qualls has aptly nicknamed them) that only pop their heads in our corner of the world once every 13 years. Their call sounds uncannily like that of gas escaping.

More creepy crawlers in tomorrow’s News-Times.

(But if the county actually blows up, we’re going to feel really bad.)

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4 Responses to Gas leaks or bugs?

  1. Ken Hamilton says:

    My wife and I heard the noise while in the backyard during lunch and wondered what it was. Thanks for the info.

  2. The lone reader says:
  3. Admin says:

    No problem, Ken.

    Lone Reader, those eyes will haunt me. I guarantee it. And when I wake up in the middle of the night screaming in horror because giant cicadas with beady red eyes are chasing me through a darkened forest threatening to eat me while making leaking-gas noises, I’m going to blame you.

  4. The lone reader says:


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