Lottery winner “nearly homeless”

Talk about lucky breaks.

The 32-year-old Hot Springs woman who had the ticket in hand that won her $1 million from the Arkansas Lottery, was just about to become homeless.

Mary JoAnn Gray Dartt told The Sentinel Record that she and her new husband, Robert, were on the verge of losing their home, but the $1 million windfall changed all that.

“Two weeks ago, we received an eviction notice and were looking for a place. I was on unemployment, literally. We were crying with anxiety attacks and didn’t know how to make it,” she told the Record.

After spending her last $4 on two lottery tickets using her birthday, husband’s birthday and their ages as numbers, it was several days before she read the notice that the winning ticket was purchased in Hot Springs.

According to The Associated Press, Dartt is now thinking of buying a house, creating a trust fund and making charitable donations.

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4 Responses to Lottery winner “nearly homeless”

  1. The lone reader says:

    Oh so much to say here… So little time…

    “I was on unemployment, literally” Is that as opposed to all of the people that are figuratively on unemployment?

    Spending her last $4 on lottery instead of maybe copies of resumes so she could get a job.

    I will bet anything you want to bet that this family will be right back in the same or worse financial condition in less than 2 years.

  2. ArVet says:

    Unfortunately, Lone Reader, you’re right on

  3. Mary dartt says:

    With good plan I thinking we won’t be. Where not the type of people that just blow money. When we bought are tickets we had nothing else to lose. We had lost our home over something not our fault. They want to sell it. I lost my job after a major operation. Was looking for a job the hole time. We are not taking this for granted n are very thankful to receive this blessing. So before u wish our undoing remember that not everyone goes crazy after winning. We are and always be simple humble people who didn’t go crazy in shopping sprees. Matter fact I still buy my clothing at resale shops. N very happy to show off my $1.00 pair of jeans!

  4. ng says:

    so happy you won!!! God was looking out for you! i always take a dollor or two from my gas money, so i can buy one or two tickets. thou i am blessed in so many other ways im still hoping to win because with this economy you never know when you will be out of work.

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