Therma-Flite may bring 50 jobs to El Dorado

Rumors are swirling that El Dorado could stand to gain 50 new jobs in the near future with a possible expansion of Therma-Flite.

Therma-Flite, a producer of auger-based heating and cooling systems that focuses primarily on creating pathogen-free fertilizers and soils, told the El Dorado Economic Development Board that El Dorado is an ideal place to look into expanding.

However, a few steps still stand in the way before Therma-Flite can come in — approval is still needed by the city council to purchase a building in town and there’s still contract work to be done.

See tomorrow’s News-Times for more information.

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3 Responses to Therma-Flite may bring 50 jobs to El Dorado

  1. J. Randal Harvey says:

    I say WELCOME! One question: Is it normal for a city to purchase the building for a company and then lease it to them? Do companies not buy their own buildings?

  2. Admin says:

    I’m not sure if it’s normal, but that’s going to be the case here. The city council will be purchasing the building but only once a contract is signed between the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce and Therma-Flite saying that the company is for sure coming in here.

    I actually highly doubt this is a normal maneuver, but if it brings in 50 new jobs, then I’m sure the city’s prepared to do whatever it needs.

  3. Henry Florsheim says:

    J. Randal, it is normal in communities who choose to take their economic fate into their own hands, such as El Dorado did with the passing of the economic development tax. The resolution that created the tax includes language stating “constucting, acquiring and equipping infrastructure and facilities for industrial and economic development” in the list of appropriate expenditures.

    The investment the city makes in this project will be far less than what the company invests in our community. Their annual payroll alone, once they get up to full speed, will be close to $2 million. Everybody wins.

    Call me at the Chamber if you ever want to chat about these sorts of projects or anything else.

    Henry Florsheim

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