Groups asks FCC to ID political commercial contributors

A petition by the Media Access Project may just be a journalist’s dream. Scratch that, it may be in fact a dream for those who advocate for openness and honesty in the world of politicking (which, let’s face it, that citizenry is not abundant enough).

According to a release from MAP, the group asked the Federal Trade Commission today to require more open reporting methods concerning the release of names of those paying for political commercials or controversial messages.

Under the new rule any contributor footing 25 percent of the commercial cost must be identified on TV air and a list of any contributors dropping 10 percent into the bucket must be made available in the station’s public file.

Andrew Jay Schwartzman, MAP senior vice president and policy director, said, “The FCC has repeatedly said that members of the public are entitled to know by whom they are being persuaded, and it has stressed that this is especially important in the case of political messages. This petition simply seeks to update the FCC’s rules to fulfill its Congressional mandate.”

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