US, UK, France and Arab militaries ready to enter Libya

The nation is set on the brink of entering Libya following a statement by President Obama this afternoon ordering a complete ceasefire on Libyan citizens by Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi.

Obama said his demands were not negotiable and he is prepared, along with European and Arabian allies, to send military into the torn nation, according to the New York Times.

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4 Responses to US, UK, France and Arab militaries ready to enter Libya

  1. James says:

    Too little, too late. Every society has a limited number of people willing to step up and lead a revolution in the face of almost certain death, or at the least many years of horrendous torture. Obama’s desire to goof off rather than pay attention to world events has guaranteed that Gaddafi has had plenty of time to identify and kill many of those people. The protests started a month ago and those people made a lot of progress towards their goals, but Gaddafi has pushed them back and regained control of many key areas. The people of Libya are also very worried that our President and the UN will be similarly ineffective as they were in the early days of Bosnia and Iraq. Our enemies know that Democrats rarely back up their threats, and if they do they will surrender and retreat at the first sign of real danger. Years of demands that we give up and surrender in Iraq is proof of that.

    It’s offensive and insulting to have a President that holds so little regard for human life, and who feels playing golf and going to parties is more important than dealing with the multitude of tragedies our world has seen in the past few months.

    During Bush we could count on cover story after cover story about how horrible he was for “goofing off” so much, yet not barely a peep from the media about Obama’s ability to ignore rebellions, earthquakes, and tsunamis in favor of having the time of his life. I’m betting that by the time Obama and the UN get around to actually doing anything meaningful about Libya, it will be far too late and any chance the people there had of a better life will be long gone.

  2. ArVet says:

    Let us not forget that France took the lead and further dimished our role as the world’s leader. How sad.

  3. ArVet says:

    Check out the Huffington Post – ” ….the situation in Lybia is Bush’s fault” (go figure)

  4. Ken Hamilton says:

    Since the Congress has not declared war on Libya, then per the U.S. constitution the U.S. military should not be attacking Libya.

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