Flying Burger to open around August

Ryan’s may have closed yesterday but things are looking up when it comes to the new Flying Burger location on Timberlane set to open around August, said Robert Smith, restaurant owner.

His son, Michael, has been in training for two years and he will take over management of the El Dorado location across the street from the new El Dorado High School, alongside his wife, Jennifer.

“It’s going to be a really neat building, built like a diner,” Smith said. “It’ll be real retro with 50s furniture, black and white tile floors. It’ll be really nice.”

The facility will seat approximately 135 people and employ 25, Smith said.

He added that he plans to start advertising the business and employment opportunities in June, but is still unsure of his plans for the grand opening.

Future Flying Burger locations are being considered in Texarkana, Longview and Tyler, Smith said.

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4 Responses to Flying Burger to open around August

  1. Keith Owens says:

    I can hardly wait! Love their food!!

  2. AFM says:

    The Flying Burger has become my “go to” place in Magnolia. I can’t wait either for it to open here.

  3. Amanda says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it as it’s was supposed to open in November then again in March. A lot of people have been waiting!

  4. Rebecca says:

    YEA!!!!. My Husband and I are really exsited.. We Love to hike in the magnolia park. and we always go Flying burger for lunch. to relax and eat great food. so we are really exsited .can,t wait!!!.

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