Japan rocked, official death toll unknown

The coverage started late last night and has been ongoing since with an 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan and resulting tsunami hitting Hawaii and the west coast early this morning, according to multiple news reports.

The footage is incredible, a massive wall of debris, mud, cars and boats rushing onto the land in Japan as captured on video by CNN here and here.

“You could tell it was different instantly from the other little tremors that we’ve had before,” Matt Alt, an eight-year resident of Japan, said to CNN. “It just picked up in intensity, it just ramped up, the gentle shaking and things started coming off the shelves, things started falling off our desks. And you could hear this strange, eerie creaking sound of all of the buildings all around us as they were kind of shaken by the tremor of the ground. It was something I hope I never have to hear again.”

The New York Times reports more than 300 casualties in Japan so far. Though original reports had expected the death toll to exceed 1,000, according to The Guardian.

Neon Tommy, in association with the University of Southern California, has a good breakdown of the reports by different news media across the globe.

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