Gas prices (also) on the rise

The obvious result of unrest in the Middle East has come to fruition with gas prices jumping up a dime in El Dorado the last several days.

Experts say Arkansas can expect to see cost at the pump hit above $4 a gallon by this summer — a frightening repeat of the last significant jump in 2008. However, we’re not alone, as Missouri and Wyoming remain the only states with gas prices still below $2, according to

Either the search for an alternative fuel is going to have to get incredibly real, incredibly fast, or we’re all going to have to buy some comfy shoes.

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2 Responses to Gas prices (also) on the rise

  1. James says:

    We already have alternative fuels. The problem is they cost a lot more than gasoline. The electric infrastructure doesn’t exist to support all-electric cars either. Our power grid can’t handle harsh summers and winters, but some people seem to think everything will be fine when people turn on the heat AND plug in their electric cars.

    An economical car can go 2 weeks or more with a full tank of gas. An electric needs charging every day. If the power goes out at your home for 3 days you can still get to work and go buy groceries if your car runs on gas. Good luck doing that with an all-electric.
    During the big snowstorm we recently had many drivers were stuck on highways for hours. An electric car would have left it’s passengers stranded with no heat after the first hour, if not less.
    If your electric car does run out of juice, how are you going to get power to it? Tow trucks will have to start carrying large generators and you’ll be stuck paying them for the hour or two they have to sit there charging you. Of course none of this would be a problem if it had an engine that ran on gasoline.
    Hybrids are great, but their total pollution output is higher than gas cars. All that strip mining for the metals batteries need is really bad for the environment. They only last 10 years too before you have to go strip mine the earth even more for new batteries.

    The bottom line is that gasoline is still cheaper and far more convenient than anything else out there, even if prices hit $5/gal. There are a huge number of people working on alternative fuel sources and some look promising, but so far nothing can replace gas. Until you offer me a car that can go at least a week without refueling and costs me less to run than a gas car does, I won’t be interested, and neither will the vast majority of everyone else.

    Solar power only works when the sun shines. Wind power only works when the wind blows. Oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear work 24/7 regardless of the weather. The next time you find yourself feeling angry over gas prices, just remember they pay $8 a gal in some places in Europe. Be thankful for our good fortune.

  2. Grant Dorin says:

    The first factor that makes up the price of gas at your local station is crude oil suppliers. This makes up about 59% of the price you pay for gas and it is determined by the world’s oil-exporting countries, particularly OPEC, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. The amount of crude oil that these countries produce determines the price per barrel of oil.*,

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