Census Bureau releases Arkansas numbers

The latest decade has Union County’s population down at 41,639 citizens, according to the release late this afternoon from the U.S. Census Bureau.

No numbers yet for El Dorado specifically. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: El Dorado posted a 12.29 percent loss with a 2010 count of 18,884.

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2 Responses to Census Bureau releases Arkansas numbers

  1. The lone reader says:

    As I said the other day it is a sad day for El Dorado. There are many site selection companies that use that 20K threshold when looking for locations for business expansion.
    Our only hope is to spend the next 10 years annexing surrounding unincorporated areas. Something we should have been doing since the 60′s.

  2. welch says:

    heard this many times ?el dorado was a city during the oil boom days of more than 35,000 people and following that the population was between twenty to thirty thousand until mid eighties now is under twenty thousand who would have thought this need jobs and clean neighborhoods perhaps possible annexation to reverse the numbers

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