Study: Arkansas ranks low in ASVAB scores

Arkansas high school grads looking to joined the armed forces are consistently failing their entrance exam by 5 percent more than grads from other states, according to a recent study by The Education Trust in Washington.

As compared with the 22.6 percent of applicants that fail the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery nationally, Arkansas shows a 27.7 percent failure rate.

“Because those jobs closely mirror occupations available in the civilian workforce, young people who fall short on the ASVAB are likely unprepared for many civilian jobs, too,” the release states.

Failure of the ASVAB, which tests for math, reading, science and problem-solving aptitudes, demonstrates a startling (though perhaps, not completely unexpected) number of high school grads, not just in Arkansas, but nationally, that reach the 12th grade without an understanding of the basics.

Arkansas also posted one of the greatest disparities between the races, according to the study. African American applicants had a 47.2 percent failure rate as compared to the 20.4 percent of Hispanic students and 21.2 percent of white students.

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