Mubarak: Resignation would lead to further chaos

Obviously Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak hasn’t been watching the news. How else could he believe that his resignation would plunge Egypt into further chaos?

Following the bloody violence Wednesday in Tahrir Square between Mubarak protesters and supporters that ended with a historical moment in which the army actually stepped in — though not in time to prevent the several deaths and hundreds of injuries — the three-decade president called Obama a good man but said, “You don’t understand the Egyptian culture and what would happen if I step down now.”

He has said he wouldn’t run for reelection, however, Mubarak has also stated he won’t step down until his term is over in September.

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3 Responses to Mubarak: Resignation would lead to further chaos

  1. James says:

    If he hasn’t been watching the news then it’s a good thing. The coverage has been appalling. Nothing new or surprising there though.

    The “Arabist” is a blogger in Egypt who has been at the forefront of the demonstrations and has for a long time been posting stories about the issues the Egyptian people face. He’s been at the forefront of the demonstrations before the issue was hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood and they started using the protests to attempt to gain control of Egypt. The Arabist was arrested for a short time but was released and continues to write about the situation. If you want to be informed I suggest you turn off the major networks and start reading links he shares. Before you dismiss this suggestion, remember how surprised you were to learn that the DADT Repeal Act didn’t actually repeal anything and ask yourself why the mainstream media not only failed to report that fact but instead published mis-information that led the world to believe something actually changed.

    This article explains why it would be bad for Mubarak to immediately step down:

    The Arabist’s twitter posts can be viewed here:

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  2. Admin says:

    Great links James, no need for me to edit any html mistakes. As usual, very informative, please keep them up anytime you spot something not receiving its due attention by the mass media machine.

    Our blog page is powered by the latest edition of WordPress (which is probably obvious), but I’ll see if I can scour the forums and find a way to install a preview button for commentators.

  3. Ken Hamilton says:

    I hope that the this situation results in liberty for the people of Egypt. That is the the important issue.

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