Bring it on: Health care battle heats up

A short-lived partisan civility following the fatal shootings in Arizona last week broke today when House Republicans used their new majority power to attempt a repeal of Obama’s health care reform — a measure that’s largely symbolic considering the sure death awaiting it in the Senate where Democrats have the numbers.

In response to the toned down rhetoric Republicans used prior to the House vote in which they referenced the Tucson shootings, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) told a near-empty House that the Republican characterization of health care reform as a “government takeover” was nothing short of Nazi-like.

According to, Cohen stated that the Republican language referenced Nazis, the Holocaust, an infamous German prime minister and (of course, because we can’t seem to escape it) blood libel.

Despite those still mourning loved ones and an assassination attempt on one of their own, it looks like House Democrats just threw the first stone, now let’s wait and see how big the splash back is.

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One Response to Bring it on: Health care battle heats up

  1. ArVet says:

    Let’s all of us just pray that this egregious comment remain what it is – stupidity at its
    lowest form – doesn’t matter who says it. I hope that the stone is not thrown back – serves no purpose.

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