Lottery scholarships could take a hit

College students are about to get the short end of the stick, again.

With the scholarship lottery came the perennial tease that ever proliferating costs of tuition, books and dorms could be offset by a handsome $5,000 scholarship for four-year universities. But, that’s all it was, a tease.

The Associated Press reports that a combination of low lottery sales and increasing enrollment figures have caused the Lottery Oversight Committee to take another look at figures for next year. The numbers were apparently not good and could warrant a 10 percent decrease in the money funded to Arkansas college students.

According to co-chairman Rep. Barry Hyde the latest projections show on an individual basis $500 cut out of four-year scholarships and $250 chopped from two-year scholarships. The decision has yet to be made and was postponed until February pending more data.

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