Top Democrats get national nod

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were chosen in a Gallup poll as the top most admired man and woman in 2010.

Obama had the slight edge with 22 percent of Americans saying they admire him more than any other man in the country — though this number is down from the last two years he received the same accolade — while Clinton was given a 17 percent share of the votes naming her most admired American female.

For Obama party ID played a large part, with Democrats giving him a huge helping hand for his placement. Clinton, on the other hand, received percentages within points of each other from all three vectors of the political circle.

It comes as no surprise that Obama was a wildly popular man in his election year However, he has since declined from 32 percent to 22 percent in the last two years and remains the only president listed by Gallup to have lost popularity from his election to first term.

Comparatively, George W. Bush rose a whopping 34 percent from his election year to first year in office and Bill Clinton rose 5 percent for the same time period in his reign.

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