Gulliver makes it onto the big screen

The classic 18th-century Jonathan Swift tale of Lemuel Gulliver landing on the island of Lilliput while attempting to find and then write about the Bermuda Triangle will soon be translated into a 3D big screen experience.

Jack Black will tackle the role of Gulliver who, in the four-part “Gulliver’s Travels,” lives among the miniature Lilliputians, is put on display by the large Brobdingnags, joins in with Laputa in bombarding surrounding cities with rocks, and later attempts to become a horse with higher than human intelligence (a Houyhnhnm, to be exact), before returning home where he is unable to reconcile with the reality that he is a “Yahoo” (a human being) rather than a Houyhnhnm.

While Director Rob Letterman will certainly not address every portion of the book and his use of comedian Black as Gulliver, who ultimately becomes a very melancholy character, is questionable, it should be interesting to see how the story will translate in film on Christmas Day.

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2 Responses to Gulliver makes it onto the big screen

  1. Ana Nimmus says:

    next week we get a new ‘true grit’ based on the book by eldo’s own charles portis– hope you give him a nod!

  2. Admin says:

    I had no idea that “True Grit” was based on an El Dorado author’s book, I will be sure to give him a feature on the blog, thanks!

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