Gallup poll shows majority agreement among Americans on most big issues

Congressional Democrats and Republicans might be at each other’s throats concerning tax cuts and unemployment benefits, but the American people are not, according to a Gallup poll released today.

With 66 percent in favor of both extended tax cuts and unemployment benefits, a neat majority of Americans polled Dec. 3-6 swing toward the compromise President Obama made with House Republicans that would allow dual-passage for the two measures.

Independents polled took a middle of the road stance, slightly favoring extended unemployment benefits over tax cuts with 71 percent to 67 percent, respectively.

Republicans and Democrats obviously took a leaf from their representatives, but still weren’t nearly as vehemently opposed to their counterpart’s plan as were those in Congress. On the right, 85 percent of Republicans favored extended tax cuts and 43 percent favored extended unemployment benefits. In the left arena, 84 percent of Democrats favored extended unemployment benefits and 52 percent favored an extension for tax cuts.

In other issues, the majority of all Americans would support an increase in food safety regulations (75 percent), allowing gays and lesbians to openly serve in the military (67 percent), allowing illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children the chance to become citizens if they join the military or go to college as proposed by the DREAM Act (54 percent), and the ratification of the START Treaty which would sign in the nuclear arms agreement with Russia (51 percent).

Gallup found a split in the cases of another postponement to the Medicare payment schedule as determined by the sustainable growth rate (50 percent for and 42 percent against) or a banning of all earmarks in bills passed by Congress (46 percent for and 36 percent against).

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