Wal-Mart suit may affect ongoing, future class actions

Class action suits nationwide are awaiting a decision by the Supreme Court as to whether or not the hundreds of thousands of suits against individual women employed by Wal-Mart suing on the claim of discrimination in pay and promotion will be combined into one large class action suit.

The question being addressed currently is not if Wal-Mart discriminated against the women, it’s rather if the numerous cases can be compiled into one large suit. The decision will ultimately create precedent in class action suits across the board, not merely those based in discrimination cases.

The plaintiffs are composed of women working in 3,700 stores across the country and have 170 different job descriptions.

Judge Susan P. Graber doesn’t worry about the size of the suit and writes, “If the employer had 500 female employees, I doubt that any of my colleagues would question the certification of such a class. Certification does not become an abuse of discretion merely because the class has 500,000 members.”

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