Though Pelosi gets Democratic nod, Boehner will still take over the House

Following the loss of 60 Democratic House seats, Nancy Pelosi who has served as the Democratic lead in Congress for the past three years, was re-elected to the same position today after an internal vote in which she dominated over Representative Heath Shuler with 150 votes in her favor to Shuler’s 43, according to officials cited by The New York Times.

Encompassing a number of firsts, Pelosi’s initial election in 2007 as the Speaker of the House also gave Congress its first female, Californian and Italian-American lead.

In a separate vote, House Republicans elected John Boehner as their leader and the new Speaker of the House.

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12 Responses to Though Pelosi gets Democratic nod, Boehner will still take over the House

  1. The lone reader says:

    You need to work on either your headline writing or your understanding of how Congress picks its leadership.

    Pelosi’s holding on to the Democratic leadership position has nothing to do with Boehner being Elected Speaker.

  2. Just a view says:

    She’s the minority leader now, isn’t she?

  3. Admin says:

    To “Just a view”: Yes, the Democrats are now the minority in the House and Pelosi was re-elected to be their leader in the vote.

    To “The lone reader”: Thank you for the criticism, however, I do, in fact, understand the process by which the both parties of the House elect their leaders. As to the headline writing, I apologize if you don’t enjoy the way I write my headlines, however, it’s a way of getting all the information out in one sentence so those who don’t have the time to read the entire post can still get the basics of the story.

  4. The lone reader says:

    Here’s your headline then.

    Pelosi gets Democratic nod, Boehner takes over the House

    Take out “Though” and “will still” and you get the same information without the two things looking like they were tied to each other.

  5. Admin says:

    Thanks, I’ll inform my former journalism professors.

  6. John Worthen says:

    Lone Reader, I see your knack for tact still hasn’t found the light of day.

  7. Just a view says:

    Lone Reader wouldn’t know tact if he was standing nose to nose with it.

  8. GL717 says:

    I was about to make the same comment as Lone Reader. “Though” and “will still” do make the two events seem interrelated.

    Lone Reader’s suggested headline is cleaner and less confusing. It needs a semicolon though instead of a comma.

  9. GL717 says:

    That would be Lone Reader’s second comment, not the first.

  10. AFM says:

    Good to see you peeking back in John. I’m sure its nice to now get that off your chest after all this time!

  11. The lone reader says:

    AFM wrote: “Thanks, I’ll inform my former journalism professors.”

    Great idea, I look forward to their comments.

  12. AFM says:

    Don’t want to take the credit for that “The lone reader”. Better recheck that source. AFM

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