“Decision Points”

After two years spent hiding from the critical public eye, former President Bush reemerges into the spotlight today with the release of his memoir “Decision Points” in which he tells all about the difficulties he had as president though the financial struggles, Katrina and, of course, Sept. 11, 2001.

Coming just a week after midterm elections, the release does too little too late for Democratic candidates in Congress who may have seen an increase in their numbers had the former president’s unpopularity at the end of his term been remembered with the publication of his book.

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2 Responses to “Decision Points”

  1. The lone reader says:

    ” spent hiding ” I don’t think so. He did what all Presidents used to to do once their terms were over, ie fade away to come back after a reasonable period of time and play elder stateman.

    If he was hiding he wouldn’t have come to El Dorado earlier this year and spoken at the High School.

  2. Just a view says:

    I don’t thing so either.

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