Announcing the results

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Unofficial Tally Results as of 9:45pm November 2.

El Dorado Mayor

Benito Glosson 580Votes 12%

Frank Hash 1,871 Votes 40%

Luther Lewis 2,114 Votes 46%

Union County Sheriff

Mike McGough 8,532 Votes 74%

Johnnie Mitchell 2,994 Votes 25%

State Representative

Ken Bridges 1,991 Votes 30%

Matthew Shepherd 4,584 Votes 69%


Congressman John Boozman 7,042  Votes 60.60

Trevor Brown 500 Votes 4%

John Gray 198 Votes 1%

U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln 3,880 Votes 33%

Everyone waiting for the election results in the Union County Courthouse.

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