Who let the dogs out?

The Third Annual Mutt Strut hosted by the News-Times, Barkingham Acres and El Dorado Main Street turned out a huge crowd Saturday complete with dogs dressed like their humans and humans dressed like their dogs.

Watch the video here: Mutt Strut

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3 Responses to Who let the dogs out?

  1. Sara says:

    Cute video!

  2. The lone reader says:

    Good vid. But you ought to set up a YouTube account and link from there so we don’t have to DL the whole video.

    I’ll ignore the copyright infringement on the use of the song.

  3. Admin says:

    Thank you for the input, we may end up signing up for a YouTube account if it continues to be such a hassle to put videos on the blog.

    As to copyright infringement, we used the music for the video under the doctrine of fair use.

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