Early voting wait times reach unprecedented highs

Early voting wait time is currently around 45 minutes due to the fact that two of the three machines responsible for all districts other than Junction City, Smackover and Strong have filled up.

If the third machine fills up the Union County Clerk’s Office will have paper ballots available. No voter will be turned away, said Shannon Phillips, Union County Clerk.

As of 3:15 p.m. this afternoon, 3,916 voters have visited the polls since early voting began on Oct. 18.

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5 Responses to Early voting wait times reach unprecedented highs

  1. ArVet says:

    Just finished today’s paper. It would have created a lot of space for “real” news if your morning headline just read “Vote Democratic”.

  2. Just a view says:

    I assume you didn’t feel that way when all of those stories about Beth Anne Rankin were on the front page. I didn’t realize Jim Keet was a Democrat.

  3. ArVet says:

    “all those stories”? I guess you mean the one story where she is being interviewed – or do you mean the one letter to the editor on Friday where she is trashed ? and bye the way, this letter was the only one of six letters that even mentions her name. This is just mean political coverage.

  4. Just a view says:

    There have been stories and photos of Ms. Rankin in the paper several times, I do recall the sit-down interview story from a while back, but she was also here for a rally at the chamber and the event with Dick Morris. She came here for a Tea Party event too. All of those made the front page. And she has had many positive letters in the paper. I am a Beth Anne fan. I have kept track of her newspaper coverage, as well as her appearances in other media.

  5. ArVet says:

    You made your point and I appreciate it. Nuff said, Amen

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