Mayoral candidate sends message

Benito Glosson’s message to El Dorado:

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7 Responses to Mayoral candidate sends message

  1. Just a view says:

    Well … He makes some good points.

  2. The lone reader says:

    He might as well be saying what he means. “Black folks, you are crazy if you vote for those white crackers.” Everytime he says “us” he clearly means “fellow blacks.”

    This is the worst kind of race politics.

  3. White as snow says:

    It may be racially charged and that may have been exactly what he meant it to be, but it was the truth and that rang clear as a bell.

  4. Good entertainment says:

    Would be nice if he stated what he plans on doing, what he wants to change, or anything else constructive. All I learned was that he is independent.

  5. J. Randal Harvey says:

    Benito “EGO” Glosson.
    “You can’t vote for that” Sung to the tune of “You can’t touch this.”

    Is the News Times endorsing this crap?

  6. Shea Wilson says:

    The E Dorado News-Times has not endorsed any candidates in any races this election cycle. When the newspaper makes endorsements, the endorsements appear on the viewpoint page where editorials normally appear. Mr. Glosson’s video was interesting, so we posted it. We offered no context for how it was interesting, just posted it. What people who view it think is up to them.

  7. J. Randal Harvey says:

    Ok. We can agree it’s interesting.
    Thanks for your response.

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