The gas game

Monticello is roughly 67 miles from El Dorado, yet a gallon of regular gasoline there is nearly 40 cents cheaper than in El Dorado.

According to Arkansas Gas, gasoline is selling for $2.41 per gallon at the Valero station on Meadowview Drive. Here’s, it’s averaging $2.77 per gallon.

Curious, no?

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4 Responses to The gas game

  1. Brian Welch says:

    cant figure that out heard that Monticello Sheridan Hot Springs Camden among other cities in the state have cheaper gas than Arkansas Original Boomtown El Dorado which is home to Lion Oil and Murphy Oil

  2. Ed says:

    It is pretty simple really. All those towns have a WalMart that sells gas(Murphy). El Dorado Walmart doesn’t sell gas. The wholesaler doesn’t have to compete.

  3. Just a view says:

    It’s always interesting that the price of gas changes at the same time all over town. Too bad someone can’t prove collusion among the distributors.

  4. Bo says:

    There is a gentlemen’s agreement between distributors and Murphy Oil in El Dorado.
    We just have greedy people here in El Dorado.
    Here’s an idea:
    Since we refine it here, we could have the cheapest prices at the pump in the state. People would come to town to buy gas. Wouldn’t it be logical that they will shop while they are here.


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