‘Jerry’s World’ astounds

From afar, it appears on the North Texas plains like an alien battle craft ready to soar into the deepest regions of the universe — the house that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones built.

Cowboys Stadium.

I’ve been a Cowboys fan for most of my life, so you can imagine the excitement I felt Saturday when I attended the Dallas/Philadelphia game at the new Cowboys palace.

It’s a modern-day Roman Coliseum, and its cavernous interior, replete with acres of glass, shimmering steel and the largest high definition video board in the world will leave you wondering where to focus your eyes first.

The sweetness was even greater as the final score hit the record books: Cowboys 34; Eagles 14. It marks the first time the ‘Boys have won a playoff game since 1996.

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The end of the Cowboys/Eagles game from Between Editions on Vimeo.

I captured this end-of-the-game video with a point and shoot camera. There doesn’t seem to be a bad seat in the stadium, and no matter where you are — even from a half-mile away — the video board dominates.

Photos and video content by John Worthen.

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One Response to ‘Jerry’s World’ astounds

  1. ArVet says:

    John, I beat you there by a couple of games. I was in awe. Lucky to be supplied with 2nd tier, 25 yard line – who cared where I sat? The video board allowed me to feel I was on the field.

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