$300 for Southwest Classic tickets?


I think not.

I thought it might be fun to travel to the new Cowboy Palace in Dallas Oct. 2 to see the Hogs take on the Aggies in the “Southwest Classic.” That is until I found out it will cost $300 per ticket to see the game.

My question: Where is all this money going? And how can anyone justify that kind of ticket price for a collegiate sporting event?

It’s outrageous. This just furthers my opinion that big sports are shutting out the common, everyday fans. They ought to be ashamed.

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6 Responses to $300 for Southwest Classic tickets?

  1. The lone reader says:

    DO you know what it costs to get really good season tickets to the Hogs in Fayettville and LR? Let me give you a clue it isn’t just the face value.

  2. photo says:

    Hey, I get my 50-yard-line seats at face value for War Memorial games.

    And there are lots of face value seats in the end-zones.

    The only reason tickets are above face value is because people will pay above face value. I will not.

    And if all fans refused, this ticket price bulging might come to an end.

  3. Bill says:

    LOL!!!! Some reporter you are… why don’t you post what I said yesterday?

  4. photo says:

    Bill, I have no idea what you posted yesterday. Are you referring to a comment? I did not see one from you. Feel free to post it again. I do not delete comments.

  5. Gilly says:

    Yes $300 dollar tickets in the Club Level is all that is left.

    You missed out on the $85 tickets. The $300 actually goes towards the face value of $125 and $175 to your respective school’s athletic’s development department or foundation as a tax-deductible donation.

    The Cowboys have set the prices and will recive most of the revenue. These schools have to make a buck somewhere…but anytime you deal with the Cowboys it will be costly and over the top. It operates like a home game for each university…the donors get first pick and pay thousands on top of the actual face value for good seats.

    Ha, I bet you could get tickets real cheap for Oct 2…they play on the 3rd.

  6. Trey says:

    This is a joke, the tickets are way overpriced, and if anyone paid that much to see a game between these two mediocre programs, then they either have plenty of extra cash to donate, or they put live student athletes sporting events too high on their priority list (in my opinion). I can perhaps understand if the game had some significance, say if the national title was on the line, but these two programs are in a rebuilding phase. It would be impossible for me to get the $600 ($800 after parking, transportation and concessions) of enjoyment out of a 4 hour football game between two average teams, and it is a sad state of today’s sports culture when a Billionaire and “education institutions” can bleed individuals, and the individuals go along willingly.
    Don’t get me wrong though, I believe in fair competition, so change what the suckers are willing to pay. Just keep in mind that when you limit the market to just the suckers, all you will have is suckers present.
    Have fun suckers!

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