Bearden High School evacuated briefly

From the Camden News:

Bearden High School students were evacuated from classes Friday morning while officials conducted a room-to-room search after a threatening note was found inside the school.

The school’s burglar alarm was tripped between 2-3 a.m. Friday. High school principal Jim Bonsall told the Camden News that two classrooms had been “dumped.”

Bonsall explained that desks had been turned over and things were thrown about. Three windows were also damaged, and approximately $80 in cash, along with five checks totaling $74, was taken from one of the classrooms.

“A little more than a prank,” Bonsall said.

He said the handwritten note was found inside the school, and that the note contained some type of threat. Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Joe Strickland told the Camden News that his office is working with the school on the case.

Suspects in the case are juveniles.

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